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THE TRAINING APPLICATION.                      (Subscribe to my YouTube channel)

I developed the application for running the classes at circle8fitness. To date there are now a combined collection of over 3000 plus videos. I have now recently adapted the application so I can make bespoke workouts for clients and share a link which will allow you to access the workouts that I create for you. You can then save the workout and use it as and when you like.

The workouts can structured in time, intensity and difficulty. The options of workout are based on the equipment available to you. There are many bodyweight only exercises so if need be, there is no requirement for equipment if you do not have anything. The equipment we use in the classes are basic and easy to have at home. The equipment we use are dumbbells, suspensions trainer, slamballs, barbells and steps. If you have a boxing bag or long bag for kicking then there are 2000 plus videos of combinations teaching you Muay Thai, kickboxing and boxing. From beginner to advance movements. From watching you learn and from our classes many students have become proficient in martial arts training and love the adaption for the purpose of keeping fit.  

Bespoke workout cost - £50 per workout 

Contact me 

Matt Parks personal ios training application


As well as the option for bespoke the training application has over 150 pre-made workouts available. From left to right the image above shows the options of the application. 
1. The home screen which allows for the option to book to our live classes in Battersea. 
2. The pre-made workout screen which has 150+ pre-made workouts. I am constantly adding new videos as I expand the library of exercises. 
3. The randomiser screen which allows you select from categories and the app creates a random workout. 
4. The create workout page. Here you can create, save and download so they are available off line. 

5. The explore screen which allows you to look and play the videos in the library. 

When downloading the application you will get access to 10 free workouts. you gain full access to the app to create, save and download, use the randomiser and gain access to the full library you will need to subscribe. 

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