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Client testimonials 

Sem   (video filmed Mar 24)

Sem was referred to me by a very highly respected coach and friend, Greg Wootton. Sem trains with me once a week and I always enjoy our sessions which are technique based as Sem has a unrivalled passion for Muay Thai. Saturdays are always fun for me as I enjoy teaching the finer points, and it’s a good laugh!

Corinne Holt   (video filmed Feb 24)

Personal trainer, movement and strength and conditioning coach, professional stunt woman, 
entrepreneur. MMA Fighter. Corinne now lives in Bali. Corrine is one of the most dedicated and hardworking people I have trained.

insta video links of Corinne in action (link1) (link2) 

Michael Freedom   (video filmed Feb 24)

Business entrepreneur.  Michael still currently trains with me twice a week. His new business venture is opening son a gym called health & fun incorporating intellectual property from my concept circle8fitness to which I proud to be assisting him on. 
insta video links of Michael in action May 22 (link2) 

MKS   (video filmed Feb 24)

M is in finance and requires to keep his anonymity but still wanted to share his experience. He still currently trains with me and has been since 2017 when I returned from LA. M is always fun to teach and as with most of my guys we enjoy the banter.

Yolanda Lynes.     (video filmed March 24) 

Stunt person extraordinaire, actress and general badass

A determined, committed member to our group of bad-ass-sassins  


Instagram video link of Yolanda in action (link 1) (link 2) 

Sam Khoie   (video filmed Feb 24)

Sam is still currently training with me and started in 2021. When he started with me he didn’t have no experience but had a passion for learning, Sam is fun guy to train and as the case with all my clients I look forward to our sessions. 

Nick   (video filmed March 24) 

I've known Nick for many years. He used to train at my old gym Stars Gym but is wasn't till post Covid that Nick took up 1-2-1  boxing session with me. We have a close bond as I do with some of my clients who become my friends, I look forward to ur sessions and conversations. 

Gio   (video filmed March 24) (short and sweet testimonial lol)

Geo is still currently training with me and started training with me back in 2016. He currently trains twice a week with and we had travelled a similar path living LA at the same time and he continued to train with me there. We returned 2017 and he still loves to train with me. As he says, I keep him young!

Constantine (video filmed April 24) 

Constantine has only been training with me for a short time but I feel it’s important to hear the story of someone who has only started their journey with me to get an appreciation of how quickly the results can come. 

Aidai Keri   (video filmed Jan 23 to promote circle8)

Super mum and badass, Model and actress. Aidai's story gives testament to the app and training 1-2-1.
Aidai still currently trains with me as does her son and husband Evan. From the classes at circle8fitness a passion for Muay Thai evolved. 

Matt Parks Muay Thai Coach Youtube Channel
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