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I enjoy working with, training people that like myself are in recovery from drugs and alcohol and a life of unmanageability. I have a number of people that started as clients whom are now in many ways kindred friends who share a similar story to myself. For obvious reasons those people remain anonymous. The principles of 12 step recovery remain intact when training with me. The benefits are not just of learning an effective martial art, and getting fit in every sense of the word. I have also noted over 20+ years off teaching that boxing, striking in general is a great somatic way of  healing and expressing your recovery. Basically it’s very therapeutic. Additional to this is, both myself and who ever I am training are allowed to be vulnerable and open enough to allow ourselves to be in our recovery and working that recovery while in the session. Examples of such is when someone comes and they are having a bad day, experiencing anything from a trauma trigger to just having problems with life on its terms. We talk, we relate and we share. I share my strength and hope with those people, in the same way they express there's. These are the sessions I love and I hope to work with more people like myself whom are working fellowship. 


I have completed my 12 steps in AA and SLAA and a s such can offer sponsorship in those fellowships. But that would be a separate thing to training. As well as AA and SLAA I qualify for most fellowships and attend different fellowships from CODA, Al Anon, ACA and  NA. To give a little more insight, as with most whom come from addiction, I have a story of a traumatic childhood and adolescence. I am only saying this based on if you are considering trying a session with me to illustrate the potential similarities and not the differences. 

It is never too late or too soon to start learning martial arts. The physical, mental and spiritual benefits for the self are only describable by each individual as it is always uniquely special to each person I ever trained. Please see general testimonials Please note these are not testimonials from people in recovery but to illustrates the benefits of training with me.

One to one in person personal training is £100 ph. Location: Circle8fitness Ltd, Arch 79 Queens Circus, SW8 4NE

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