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Matt Parks Personal Training

1-2-1 training in person or bespoke training sessions via the Matt Parks Training Application (iOS only)

Matt Parks personal training in Mauy Thai and Boxing


Sitting behind a desk in my early 20's realising that I didn’t want to hit my 40's with a beer belly, potentially balding and with all the health issues I was discovering some of my peers was suffering. I decided to commit my life to a career in sport, specifically, kickboxing, boxing and Muay Thai (Thai Boxing). That was in 1992, I started with kickboxing and evolved to amateur boxing in the mid 90's. In 2000 I went to Thailand to explore my fascination of Thai Boxing, I fell in love with the sport and became a professional Thai Boxer. I continued until hanging my gloves up in 2010 at 40 years of age. I had accumulated awards as a fighter including World, European and British titles. 2001 on my return from Thailand I worked at "KX," The UK's most premier health club based in Chelsea for 8 years. September 2008 I founded my first gym "Stars Gym" an exclusive boutique martial arts gym. Stars Gym opened in 2011 and is currently still open and flourishing. 2017 I ventured to LA to expand my knowledge of the fitness industry and was sponsored to work in LA. After returning in 2020 I opened and founded "Circle8fitness" where I reside and currently teach mostly as a personal trainer (check video client testimonials) but also teach classes.


At circle8fitness I created a concept training application which we use to conduct and teach the classes. I have now evolved the app for personal 1-2-1 use, whereby I create specific workouts set around your needs and goals. This training option for bespoke training for you is available if you are unavailable to train directly with me but still gain the experience of working with me. The application is currently available on iOS and is free to download and offers 10 free class workouts we have used at my gym. The bespoke workouts come at an affordable training cost. The application holds a library of 2800+ training videos and with the app subscription you can create and make your own workouts. But if your looking for something specific to you I would create these workouts after a consultation where we would discuss your training goals. Additionally this service would include a "check-in" service whereby you can communicate directly with me and relay feedback and discuss your workout and next workout. There would be options of up to as many works outs a week as you need. For further information please email contact me. If you wish to download the application CLICK HERE. Or, if you require the more personal touch and prefer one to one please hit the contact me link. (check client video testimonials)


I have trained 100's of people personally over 23+ years. Some clients have trained with me for multiple years, some for a decade or more. Clients continue to enjoy the benefits of a permanent lifestyle change of regular challenging training with continued variety and adaption as the clients needs and requirements change. What you get is as cliche as it may sound, an overwhelming sense of improved self esteem, confidence and over all feel good factor from regular training. As well as the side effects of aesthetic improvements of body and muscle tone . Additionally over time you will become proficient in boxing, Muay Thai and martial arts overall. Your overall strength, endurance and energy will also improve. I have trained infants, children, adolescents. Some have grown and now train with me as adults. I have trained the adults of all ages including elderly. all professions from house wife, brokers, to A list celebrities. I have trained fighters from day one to national and world titles.
It is never too late or too soon to start learning martial arts. The physical, mental and spiritual benefits for the self are only describable by each individual as it is always uniquely special to each person I ever trained. Please see
video testimonials 

One to one in person personal training  £100 ph. Location: Circle8fitness Ltd, Arch 79 Queens Circus, SW8 4NE

App workout cost - £30 per workout 

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Matt Parks Personal Training, Muay Thai, Boxing, Sobriety

Support Every Step of the Way in your Journey!

Matti Hirez-28.JPG
Matt Parks holding aloft the WKA World Title 2007

Matt moments after winning

the WKA World Title 2007

matt parks training app for circle8fitness


Matt Parks Training App

Currently this application is only developed for iOS. After a consultation you will receive a code to download your workout. Dependable on where and what equipment is accessible will depend on the kind of workout that I will create for you. The benefit of being able to download the workout you will be able to execute the workout at a time that is convent to you. Your workouts will stay live and expire after a month. 
I will check in with you and see how the workout was, if you had any difficulties or if you want to increase the difficulty level. Even better if you have a punchbag as you will able to participate in the striking elements of the training. 

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